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In September CLEAR Dog Training will be hosting the first ‘Teaching with Acoustical Guidance’ weekend accreditation workshop held in the Southern Hemisphere. If you are unable to attend there will be an introductory TAGteach seminar the evening before.


"Coaches tell you what you did wrong. The clicker tells you what you did right" - 4th grade gymnast.

Sports coaches, gymnastic teachers, dog trainers, ballet teachers, people working with children diagnosed with autism and people from all walks of life will learn how to use audible markers so as to:

          ►Reduce verbal language when teaching.
          ►How to increase comprehension
          ►Move clients past the 'fear of failure'.
          ►To move the teacher past frustration. 
          ►How to create razor sharp focus in learners.         
          ►How to steepen the learning curve.
          ►How to quickly increase client success rate.
          ►How to retain full classes and avoid student drop out.
          ►How to turn NAG points into TAG points.
          ►How to increase the 'fun' quotient for both the learner & the teacher

For further details:

► Send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with expression of interest

Click HERE for TAGteach's website re the 2 day accreditation seminar on Saturday 11th and Sunday September 12th

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