Our History

 At C.L.E.A.R Dog Training Sunday Puppy School - October 2005

C.L.E.A.R Dog Training provides the most effective and enjoyable solutions to Brisbane Dog owners who wish to co-exist happily with their dogs, enjoy their company on walks and have rewarding long term relationships with them.
Originally formed in 2001 to fill a gap in the Brisbane market for giving a head start in life to puppies and adolescent dogs in the immediate post-puppy-school stage C.L.E.A.R is nowadays well respected and referred to by local veterinarians, veterinary behaviourists, animal welfare shelters, breeders, breed rescue groups, pet stores and other dog trainers. 
Until the early 1990s nearly all obedience training in Australia was done by traditional correction methods. In recent years a greater understanding of learning theory, animal behaviour and psychology has revolutionised how we are able to communicate with and teach our dogs.
As the dog-owning public becomes more knowledgeable people are increasingly looking for an alternative to the traditional correction based training methods.
Our gentle reward based training techniques, together with a 'Yes! That's right!' marker signal, are designed to ensure that people's dogs learn willingly and quickly through Cooperation rather than compulsion, Love rather than subservience, Enthusiasm rather than stress, Authority rather than domination and Respect rather than fear.       
For ten years owners came to our group classes from as far away as the Bay Islands in the east, Mt Tamborine and Surfers Paradise to the south, Ipswich and Gatton to the west and Caboolture and Buderim to the north. Some people, including several vets and breeders, drove a round trip of two or more hours to attend a second, third and even a fourth course.

Third years students from the University of Queensland Veterinary Science School came to us regularly for work experience, as did students doing the Delta Society Australia's Certificate IV in Behavioural Dog Training.

We always welcomed vets, vet nurses, breeders and other trainers who brought their own dogs to our training classes, professional development workshops and seminars. Although potentially we were training future competitors we always encouraged people to use our systems and training techniques back at their own puppy schools or dog training establishments.
In late 2012 we discontinued group classes in favour of in-home training only. Why? Even in small group classes of up to six dogs like ours used to be one of the obstacles to the successful application of positive reinforcement principles is that it is impossible to consistently reinforce desired handling actions of the OWNER within one second of it occurring.
This lack of immediate feedback affects not only the owner's rate of learning but also their level of motivation (which is why the dropout rate at group classes at many dog schools and clubs is often high). However, with individual lessons an instructor is able to immediately reinforce correct handling techniques of the OWNER and give non-judgmental feedback for anything that could be done differently. If the owner acquires good skills in terms of timing, raising criteria gradually and knows how to correctly reinforce their dog then training at home is simple, quick and fun - at both ends of the lead. 
In the past two years people have found that CLEAR's private in-home lessons have been enjoyable, effective and time efficient for owners of puppies and older dogs in need of some more training or that have behaviour problems. In terms of knowledge gained and time spent they are, in the long run, more economical than group classes. 

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