Teaching with Acoustical Guidance

Tag Logo 2 Seminar hosted by CLEAR Dog Training - in Brisbane, July 2014

Many dog owners are familiar with the concept of using a marker signal such as a clicker or whistle to make learning more enjoyable and quicker for dogs, dolphins, horses, pigs and parrots.

[Click HERE with sound turned on to see a 20 second video clip of a well-trained chicken!] What is not such common knowledge is that an event marker has for some years been used widely in North America and Europe with people. Instead of calling it 'clicker training for people' teaching with acoustical guidance for humans is known simply as TAGteach.


Dog training seminars and workshops

Australia -wide dog training seminars/workshops 2013/2014 (e and o.e)


This information is reproduced from www.k9events.com with kind permission of the site's owner, Mrs Pat Robards from Bensville, NSW - a pioneer of positive reinforcement training methods in Australia, founding member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and trainer of 'Spot' who for many years was the face of advertising for Telecom, New Zealand.


Past C.L.E.A.R Workshops and Seminars

Saturday September 11th and September 12th 2010

Theresa McKeon, co-founder and Vice President of TAGteach International, conducted the first preliminary accreditation workshop ever held in the Southern Hemisphere.

TAGteach (Teaching with Acoustical Guidance) is clicker training for people in all walks of life: gymnasts, coaches, athletes, dog trainers, teachers and business men. TAGteach enables already good communicators and trainers to become great communicators and trainers, and already great communicators and trainers to become brilliant communicators and trainers.