"Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten" (Anon)

When hiring a dog trainer mistakes can be financially and emotionally costly so it is always advisable to first ask:

  • What are the formal qualifications and practical experience of the trainers?
  • What are the methods used that might affect the physical and psychological health of my dog?
  • What resources are provided to ensure that I and my dog continue to succeed once the trainer has gone?
  • What follow-up services are provided?
  • What have previous clients said?

False economy

Further questions to ask a potential trainer can be seen at the bottom of this page.

At CLEAR Dog Training we have provided one-on-one home training and problem behaviour solutions since 2001. They are designed to ensure that all family members acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to quickly and easily provide guidance and leadership for their puppy or dog.

People learn what common mistakes to avoid and how to communicate effectively with their pet so s/he willingly responds first time, no matter how many distractions, to any instructions to 'sit', 'drop', 'stay', 'come' and 'heel' and to be an ideal dog that is calm and well mannered around other dogs and people.

1.  Qualified and experienced instructor-coaches with good communication and people skills.
2.  'Home Training Guide'.
3.  Loan of DVDs.
4.  Loan of cutting-edge training books.
5.  'How To...' information leaflets.
6.  Home training plans with specific exercises.
7. Recommendations for excellent training books.
8. Suggestions for what to do, where to go and what to avoid.
9. Follow-up emails + on-going support by telephone or Skype as needed.
10. Samples and further supply of nutritious dog treats at www.cleardog.com.au

Ever since we started operations in 2001 our professional fees, below, have been considered by dog owners (who have included vets, breeders and other dog trainers with their own dogs) to be excellent value for money. Please see 'Clients' Comments by clicking HERE for puppy owners' comments and HERE for comments by dog owners.Scales


Option 1

'FOUNDATION' TRAINING = an initial 2 hour assessment and training session.

This introductory session provides puppy and dog owners with the knowledge, tools and resources for effective, enjoyable and easy DIY on-going training. Once they are on the right track many people can continue to socialise and train effectively at home and when out and about - usually without the need for further follow-up sessions or going to group classes.

This one lesson program is suitable for owners with basic training goals or whose dogs have simple behaviour issues.

$295 for puppies under 16 weeks of age – socialisation and basic junior obedience.
$315 for dogs aged over 4 months – obedience and/or behaviour modification.

A $20 discount on a first lesson applies to any dog or puppy adopted from the RSPCA or a shelter or breed rescue organisation within the previous two weeks.


Option 2

'CONSOLIDATION' TRAINING = an additional obedience training and/or behaviour modification session.

A second follow-up session gives owners the chance to ask questions and request clarification on any challenges or issues that may have arisen since the first appointment.

If booked and paid for within one month from the first lesson the above prices are reduced by 10%:

> $265 for puppies
> $275 for dogs

Option 3

'IDEAL DOG' TRAINING = an additional obedience training and/or behaviour modification session.

A third session is often particularly useful for owners having trouble with loose lead walking around the streets or at the park. It enables us to observe their dog's continuing progress and to give suggestions on how to further improve an owner's timing, communication and handling skills.

If booked and paid for within one month from the first lesson these prices are reduced by 15%:

$250 for puppies
$260 for dogs

Option 4


We can customise individual fortnightly or monthly packages for those dogs and/or owners who have had an initial assessment and have special needs or require additional assistance.

Depending on the number of lessons needed, as well as the location and travel times involved, further discounts of up to 20% are available.


If you are looking for sound advice and assistance, + very good value for your investment of time and money, the next step is to fill in and return a puppy or a dog profile form with background information.

Profiles can be found by clicking HERE. Return one to us by email, fax or post and on its receipt we will contact you to arrange a sutable time to assist you and your dog.


 1. We are based in the Eastern suburbs and service metropolitan Brisbane, the Sunshine and Gold Coasts and out to Ipswich. However, a small travel charge to cover driving time, petrol and road tolls applies for out of area training sessions. This will be advised when arranging an appointment.

 2. Here are some further questions to ask any potential trainer and, if ever asked them, our answers.

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Question   C.L.E.A.R Dog Training's reply

What training methods are used?





Reward-based training together with a "Yes! That's correct" marker signal. Force-free methods make it unnecessary to ever use threats, intimidation or pain to train.

Learning shoudnt hurt

Is food used as a training aid?

YES, for new behaviours - definitely. Once something has been learned, rewards (food or a toy or whatever else is most wanted by the dog) are used only on a random basis. Being unpredictable when rewarding known behaviours will help make them solid and reliable.

Do you use check (choker) chains?


NO. Medical studies and post mortems have shown that if improperly used (which even unintentionally can easily happen) check chains can cause neck, nervous system or spinal injuries. For this reason check chains, and other more aversive correctional collars such as prong collars and electric collars, are these days no longer allowed on the training grounds of the RSPCA and at an increasing number of dog clubs.

What are your qualifications?

What is your experience?



Our instructors have actively participated with their own pet dogs in various dog sports - some to advanced and championship levels. They are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, whose objective is 'better trainers through education', and several have a Certificate IV in Behavioural Dog Training, the highest tertiary accreditation in Australia for dog trainers.

They are well read and keep their theoretical and practical knowledge and skills up-to-date via use of the books on modern training in our extensive instructor's library, weekly discussion groups, training days, tele-courses, webcasts, conferences and hands-on workshops and live-in seminars.

What resources are included in the price?

Free training aids and comprehensive manuals, video and book loans,  training sheets and action plans, telephone and e-mail support.

How long are training sessions? Two hours - with several breaks if required! Sometimes lessons go on for longer, but are never charged extra. Often only one training session is needed. A second session is sensible if there are several family members, who due to being inconsistent, are confusing their dog.
Where and when are the sessions? In home tuition and behaviour modification sessions are by appointment anywhere in S.E.Qld. Surcharges may apply for travel to remote areas or on public holidays.
Do you have any literature? Yes - website, via e-mail or by post.

Do you have a guarantee?






There is NO such meaningful thing as 'guaranteed behaviour' for a person or their children- let alone their horse, cat or dog! The code of ethics of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia and the Delta Professional Dog Trainers Association, as well as their counterparts and other professional bodies overseas, strictly prohibit the giving of "guaranteed results" for a dog's behaviour.

Nonetheless, some non-member training establishments around the world do offer a "life time guarantee" on a dog's behaviour - in some cases after only one lesson! This promise is naturally appealing but, if analysed objectively, is empty and therefore useless.

We do, however, guarantee to show you a method of training and/or behaviour modification that involves no fear, pain or intimidation and is fast, easy, effective and enjoyable at both ends of the lead.

Are you insured? Yes, we have a ten million dollar public liability policy as well as a professional indemnity policy.
Can I contact previous clients? Of course! Several vets, breeders and dog owners who have brought their dogs to our training have indicated they are more than happy to be contacted. Please also see Owner's comments and references