Dog Training in Brisbane for adolescent and adult dogs


Is your dog driving you crazy? Do you wish he listened to you bettter? Are you ever embarrassed by or maybe even frightened by her behaviour?



Dog to dog aggression



We can help you to quickly  become a stress-free owner with a relaxed, well-trained and safe dog that gets along well with other people and other dogs.

Socially undesired behaviours like pulling on lead, jumping on visitors, excessive barking and separation anxiety as well as potentially dangerous ones such dog-to-dog aggression, guarding food and chasing bicycles or horses are often the result of uncertainty, fear, distress and confusion caused by one or more of the following reasons:

  • Poor genes.
  • Early training from 3-8 weeks by the breeder and then from 8-14 weeks by the new owner which was either nonexistent, insufficient or of an incorrect and inappropriate type.
  • No appropriate continued education during adolesence and adulthood.
  • A dog being confused by unrealistic expectations and inconsistencies within the immediate family - such as using different words and hand signals.
  • Boredom due to lack of sufficient daily mental and physical exercise.
  •  A single unpleasant event – such as a dog attack or physical abuse - that results in a dog being fearful of certain places, breeds of dogs or people.
  •  Poor diet and inappropriate feeding habits.
  •  An undiagnosed medical complaint – such as toothache, tumours, back problems, pinched nerves.
  •  Losing a family member or another household pet

Since 2001 we have been assisting owners in South East Queensland to provide the guidance and leadership necessary for their adolescent or adult dogs to develop impulse control and to become calm, emotionally stable and well trained family pets. If your dog is not yet an ideal dog we can help. It is never too late for to catch up and teach him or her new behaviours and to change old undesired ones

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Our experienced, well qualified and friendly trainers are good communicators who have a thorough knowledge of the various stages of canine physical and emotional development. They will:

  • Explain how to avoid making the usual errors that ruin a dog's behaviour.
  • Help you to practice obtaining first time responses to essential control behaviours such as 'Sit', 'Drop', 'Stay', 'Come' and 'Leave it'.
  • Show and practice the steps to loose lead walking and proper 'heeling'.
  • Explain and demonstrate how playing games can make training easy and fun for both you and your dog.
  • Show you how to easily incorporate training into daily life.
  • Provide you with on-going home training exercises.
  • Loan you cutting-edge training videos & booklets.
  • Recommend further good videos, books and websites so that you continue to stay on track.
  • Follow up after the in-home session to make sure that progress is being made and answer your questions.


Please click HERE for reasons to select C.L.E.A.R Dog Training for assistance with your dog. If you do so you will obtain exceptional value for money by way of information and resources provided to ensure your on-going success.

You will know HOW to teach your dog to:

  • Learn new desired behaviours and to unlearn previous bad habits.
  • Respond immediately to your verbal 'commands' and/or your hand signals.
  • Be sociable with other dogs as well as children and adults.
  • To be calm and stress free in all situations.
  • Greet family and visitors politely by sitting on cue rather than jumping up on people.
  • 'Come' willingly and at speed when called.
  • Walk on lead without pulling.
  • Perform some tricks on cue (e.g., 'roll over', 'spin', 'high five', 'speak').

At the end of an in-home training session you will have a deeper understanding of reward-based training, a leadership program and how to prevent future behavioural problems from developing.

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On 6/8/14 Ms Leah Aird of Bald Hills, owner of an 18 month old Bull Arab X and a 9 month old Labrador, wrote, "The in-home training was excellent. It was extremely practical, easy to follow and we could see results immediately! All the extra information provided afterwards was also extremely helpful. The difference it has made to our two dogs has been phenomenal!"

On 1/7/13 Ms A. Andrew of Cannon Hill, owner of a 7 month old Cavoodle, wrote, "I was very impressed that you hit the ground running! Illustrations to help explain concepts were very useful. There was no 'waffle' or 'padding' – it was a solid session of advice, practical instruction, demonstrated progress and non-judgmental feedback'

For more recent thoughts of other dog owners who have chosen us to assist them please click HERE.

To arrange an in-home training session for your dog please click HERE and fill out and return a dog profile form with necessary backgound information. We will then contact you right away to organise a convenient time for you.

If you would like any further details please ring during office hours on (07) 3390-4272. If nobody can take your call please leave a message on the answering machine and we will ring you back as soon as we return.