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Oliver Beverly, Business Proprietor and Chief Instructor, came from a traditional training background and says,"for 25 years I trained 'obedience' by punishing undesired behaviour out of dogs with 'push and pull' techniques - for much of that time I simply didn't realise there was a choice. I stopped using a check chain, initially with hesitation and skepticism, only after noticing the consistently steeper learning curve of reward-based trained dogs and seeing the dogs and their owners enjoying training.

Our current family pet dog,"Millie" (above), has been entirely taught with positive reinforcement methods. Unlike our previous dogs she has never received a collar correction in her life.
She obtained her Master's title with the Agility Dog Association of Australia before she was 3½. In 2000 she was ADAA's Dog of the Year in the Mini class and in the International Agility Link Competition she was the highest placed Australian dog and ranked twelfth internationally. She won the Mini class in the Agility Dog Club of Queensland's Monthly Top Dog Competition in '00, '01 and '02 and for the same three years was a member of the Eukenuba Agility Demonstration team.

I am a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia, whose aim is to build better trainers through on-going education, a Dog Obedience Trainers Association Instructor, have a Certificate IV in Behavioural Dog Training and am an accredited Delta Canine Good Citizen Instructor - the highest level of nationally accredited dog trainers in Australia.
In 2003 I was invited by the Australian Veterinary Association to assist in their Pets and People Education Program. Ever since then Millie and I have regularly assisted at schools throughout metropolitan Brisbane showing school children how to interact safely with dogs."
(Millie was a dearly loved and faithful friend who changed and enriched our lives for 14 years. She died of congenital heart failure and was cremated on December 2010 at Peace of Mind Pet Crematorium)
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As part of on-going education and professional development I - like all the instructors at C.L.E.A.R, past, present (and future!) - attend and/or organise as many workshops, seminars and conferences on modern training and behaviour modification methods as possible.  

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Tracy Newman is a Delta-Accredited Canine Good Citizen instructor. More details and photographs will be uploaded shortly - please watch this space!

  Kate Meadows (below left) is a Delta Canine Good Citizen instructor. She says,"I used to be a volunteer instructor at the RSPCA before completing the two year Certificate IV in Behavioural Dog Training with the Delta Society.


If dogs are fearful of their owners they shut down completely to avoid unpleasant things happening. 'Bailey', our 2-year-old red Kelpie, was a rescue dog with a traumatic background. Once we established a good and trusting relationship his confidence and attitude changed completely. He is now a delightful and outgoing dog that loves to learn and is fun to teach. Being able to help other people achieve the same results with their dogs is why I first went to C.L.E.A.R"


Sarah Weston is committed to helping all dogs to have owners who know what to do and what everyday mistakes to avoid making. She has been a member of numerous dog clubs and organisations and extensively involved with dogs of all breeds and ages for 15 years. During the week she is a doggy day care supervisor and also runs her own business as a professional dog walker.

On weekends she instructs at C.L.E.A.R Dog Training early morning classes before heading off with one of her Cocker Spaniels to compete in either agility, obedience, tracking, flyball, dancing with dogs, lure coursing or in the conformation show ring.

Sarah is one of those rare instructors who can both 'talk the talk' and 'walk the walk'! Harvey, a 9 year old Cocker, has won many ribbons and trophies in both obedience competitions and in the show ring. He is a Lure Coursing field champion and Australian Flyball champion and with the Agility Dog Association of Australia is an Australian Agility Champion and ADAA Jumping Dog. Through the Canine Control Council of Queensland he has his Jumping Dog Excellent title, Agility Dog Excellent title, Tracking Dog title and Endurance Test title and is working towards achieving the Master Agility and Jumpers title as well as the Flyball Masters title.

Jasmine is Sarah's youngest dog, cheeky 3 year old who already is an ADAA Australian Agility Dog, Australian Agility Team Dog and Australian Flyball Champion. With the CCCQ she has her Agility Dog Title, Jumping Dog title and Tracking Dog title. She has done basic gundog training and has successfully completed her Canine Good Citizen test. Jasmine is also great in the show ring and has won Best Desexed Exhibit at the last two Cocker Spaniel Championship shows. However, her passion for chasing birds has at times slowed her progress in competitions - but has ensured her most recent achievement of Lure Coursing Champion!   

Rose Kefford is the Administration Manager. Photographs and further details will be uploaded below shortly. Rose initially came to CLEAR Dog Training as a client. Watch here for details.


Wolfgang Stutzle, a freelance photographer, takes photographs for the end of course graduation certificates. He also takes photographs for people of their dogs, cats or birds at home or at breed shows as well as for weddings and other special occasions. His website and contact details can be found at at: www.fabulousfotos.com.au
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We often have specialist guest speakers/instructors coming to our classes, and also to our instructor training sessions, to share their experience and knowledge.

These people have included vets and vet nurses discussing first aid techniques and emergency procedures, members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia on using modern training methods and Accredited Delta Canine Good Citizen Instructors demonstrating modern training methods,Tellington Touch and other relaxation techniques for aggressive and stressed dogs.

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