Why Use Us?

If you decide to use a dog trainer be aware that wrong choices are often financially and emotionally costly. Here are ten reasons to choose C.L.E.A.R:



1. You will enjoy training your dog with a choice of modern force-free training techniques. The methods used are all easy, effective and enjoyable, at both ends of the lead, and you will quickly get the dog you WANT from the dog you HAVE.

2. You will obtain the right advice first time. Incorrect information and poor training techniques are major reasons why so many dogs are re-homed or end up at the RSPCA.

3. You will be able to love your new puppy or your adult dog without spoiling him. You will be able to provide discipline and boundaries without intimidation. 

4. You will avoid making management and training errors. Mistakes made inadvertently by owners ruin good behaviour and cause thousands of dogs worldwide to develop behaviour problems and end up in animal shelters. 

5. You will benefit from our experience and track record where:

 OB 28-4-2012

* Oliver Beverly, the Business Proprietor and Chief Instructor, is responsible for the content and quality control of all training programmes. He instructed for many years at dog clubs, has countless trophies and ribbons won at obedience and agility competitions, has trained his own family dog for TV advertisements and in 2002 qualified as a Delta Society Canine Good Citizen™ instructor. Oliver regularly contributes behaviour and training articles to canine journals, is a member of the Delta Professional Dog Trainers Association, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and several other organisation who build better trainers through on-going education.

CLEARInstructors * From 2001-2011 nearly 6000 people had private training or attended one of our unique puppy schools and follow on classes in Brisbane. Vets, breeders and dog trainers with their own puppies came to us from as far away as the Sunshine and Gold Coasts.

In group classes immediate feedback to every owner is not 100% possible and learning is slower. With individual coaching, however, an owner gets instant reinforcement for correct handling skills, as a result of which their dog learns very quickly. This was why, in 2012, we discontinued group classes to provide:

* In-home problem behaviour solutions for dogs of all ages.
Individual tuition and advice on junior obedience and effective long-term socialisation procedures for puppies aged 8 weeks upwards (either before, instead of or after attending puppy classes).
One-on-one 'Good Manners' obedience training for adolescent and adult dogs.

6. You will get personal coaching. You won't have to spend time listening to other people asking questions on issues that do not apply to you or your dog. Immediate feedback on your dog training skills will enable you to quickly become an efficient and effective teacher.

7. You can remain in your own house. Basic education at home is not only faster but less stressful for puppies than taking them too soon to high distraction environments. Existing problem behaviours with boisterous or timid adolescent or adult dogs often get worse at classes - and even more so at dog parks - and should always be treated at home first.

 8. You will benefit from the following resources:

Qualified and experienced instructor-coaches with good communication and people skills.
'Home Training Guide: any dog can live calmly - even yours!'
Loan of DVDs - e.g. 'Take a Walk in My Paws - owner's guide to a relaxed and well behaved dog'.
Loan of cutting-edge training books - e.g. 'Teaching Fido to Learn to Earn - developing leadership in humans and impulse control in dogs'.
♦ 'How To Teach.. behaviour' information leaflets.
Customised home training plans with specific exercises.
Recommendations for suitable on-going training - what to do next, where to go and what to avoid.
Information on tick, flea and worm control, nutrition and insurance.
Follow-up information by email.
On-going support by telephone or Skype as needed.

9. After just one home session you will be on the right track for future success. Follow-on sessions are sometimes needed if a dog has developed behaviour issues or an owner wants to achieve a higher than average level of obedience.

10. You will find that an in-home session with C.L.E.A.R Dog Training is unequalled value for money.  

By choosing C.L.E.A.R Dog Training you will save not only money but time and travel costs and, possibly, considerable future expense and heart-ache.

Whether you have a new puppy that nips and bites, or an adult dog behaving badly, a personal training session will be an invaluable investment in your knowledge and training skills and, therefore, in your dog's future behaviour-wellness.

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If you would like our assistance with your puppy or your dog please send us background information about him or her, and your requirements, on a dog profile form by clicking HERE.

If you would like any further details please ring during office hours on (07) 3390-4272. If nobody can take your call please leave a message on the answering machine and we will ring you back as soon as we return.