One Hundred Ways to a Happy Dog

Haddon, Celia

One Hundred Ways to a Happy Dog


Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

One-Hundred-WaysYour dog is your best friend. In return for food, more food, fun, and your affection, he will give you lifelong loyalty and leave his paw prints on your heart for ever. Admire your dog's nature. Dogs don't care if their human is rich or poor, young or old, black or white, fit or disabled, beautiful or ugly. Whether their human lives in a palace or a cardboard box, they will follow them. Let your dog be a dog. Be wise for him but don't expect him to understand that he can't scratch his backside in front of the vicar! If it itches, he scratches - anywhere, any time! Respect your dog's understanding. However much you understand your dog, he will probably understand you better. That's why he's disappeared when you've decided to give him a bath!