Puppy School: Puppy School

Holt, Maggie

Puppy School: Puppy School


Puppy-SchoolPuppy training has never been this easy! This one-of-a-kind visual training program features gentle, dog-friendly techniques-clearly illustrated in step-by-step color photographs- that show you exactly what to do to get your adorable canine companion to behave in any situation. From housebreaking your pup to socializing him to get along with other dogs and people, Puppy School tells-and more important, shows-you how to turn the most rambunctious pup into a polite, loving, obedient dog.You'll discover: - How to teach the basics of good behavior at that critical early stage

- Gentle ways to control a pup without breaking his spirit

- Expert advice on winning--and keeping--your pup's trust

- Tips to get your pup used to having her body examined without becoming fearful

- A unique Dog Dictionary of training cue words

- Week-by-week progress schedules for every technique

- Top Ten checklists to prevent training failures With see and do photos that put it in a class of its own

progressive dog-training experience