Success is in the Proofing

Quigley, Debbie

Success is in the Proofing


Dogwood, Inc

Success-is-in-the-ProofingGuide for Creative and Effective Training. Teach first and then test! Proofing is an essential part of training, but one that is often overlooked or not worked on enough. We all know the story of the dog who can perform a variety of behaviors perfectly in the backyard but falls apart in the obedience ring. This book is full of great ideas and strategies to help your dog do his best no matter what the distractions or conditions may be. Written with both the novice and advanced trainer in mind, Debby and Judy present detailed information on the how's and why's of proofing and how to successfully incorporate proofing into any training program to help produce a reliable and confident canine partner in the ring. In addition, the book is full of specific ideas for thorough proofing of all AKC obedience exercises. Readers will find scores of these ideas are also useful for proofing Rally exercises.