Fundamentals of Course Design for Dog Agilityc

Mah, Stuart

Fundamentals of Course Design for Dog Agility


Clean Run Productions

Fundamentals-ofDon't be put off by the title! This is a must-have book for every agility judge, instructor, or serious competitor. By understanding the elements of agility course design, you'll see how the design of a course influences how the dog and handler perform the course, and ultimately, if they succeed. Select [More Info] for a book review. 110 pages. Stuart Mah, the author of Fundamentals of Course Design for Dog Agility, is a top handler, and is a judge for every major agility association in the U.S. His first book (110 pages, illustrated) addresses important course design elements such as spacing, distance, approach angles, and flow. It also features handling challenges such as changes of side, crossing patterns, discrimination tests, and handler restrictions