Play with Your Dog

Miller, Pat

Play with Your Dog

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Play-with-Your-Dog(Dogwise Training Manual) In her newest book, Pat Miller explores the role and benefits of play between you and your dog - and between dogs. Play behaviors have important learning and health benefits that help dogs become well-adjusted members of both their canine and human families. Through play your dog learns dog-to-dog social graces and is mentally and physically stimulated. Play can be a great training tool, helping to build the relationship between you and your dog. And while play comes naturally to most dogs, there are many who need to be encouraged to discover their inner puppy. Pat includes dozens of game ideas collected from trainers all over the country you can try out with your dog! Play with your Dog will show you: How play helps you built a loving relationship with your dog. The role of play in helping puppies avoid problems like fear and biting. How to play to re-socialize adult dogs. What to look for in dog p-lay - is it aggression or just having fun?