Feeling Outnumbered?

Mcconnell, Patricia

Feeling Outnumbered?



Feeling-OutnumberedHow to Manage and Enjoy Your Multi-Dog Household. Patricia McConnell PHD received her doctorate in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison researching dog behaviour and communications between trainers and working domestic dogs. She has a world renouned behavioural and training practice helping treat serious behavioural problems in companion animals. This booklet is intended to help those:looking for some tips to create a little order out of the canine chaos in your home?concerned that there might be some tension between two of the dogs in your pack?not sure if all that growling during play means trouble or not?Feeling Outnumbered has the answers to those questions about living with more than one dog and many more! This book will help you to maximise the joy of living in a multi-dog household by using Ethology and Positive Reinforcement to teach your dogs to be patient and polite instead of pushy and demanding. Feeling Outnumbered will give everyone, whether novice or professional, some practical ideas about keeping life fun when you start to feel just a little bit outnumbered by the dogs who share your house. Available in Kindle edition.